Tim is showing Khalid how to milk a cow. How will Khalid get on?

Khalid:Are you sure it’s safe to let me do this?
Tim:Of course it is. We’ve got machines that do most of the milking nowadays but I thought you’d like to give it a go by hand.
KhalidIf you insist.
Tim:So watch me. Lean in near Bessie…
Khalid:Ok, that looks easy enough.
Tim:Hold on to one of her teats, firmly and… squeeze down, and squeeze down. And that’s all there is to it. Ready?
Khalid:Ok Bessie. Be gentle with me… Hey! I’ve got it. I’m milking, I’m milking!
Tim:Ah, good on you Khalid. Now just keep concentrating. And keep your eye on her back leg.
Khalid:This is great! What?
Tim:I said watch out for her… Well, I suppose there’s…

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