The Flatmates are reunited after their enforced separation. What will the girls think of Khalid’s new found agricultural skills?

Khalid: Hey it’s great to see you all again. How have you been girls?
Alice: All the better for you asking. You boys have been pretty quiet recently.
Khalid: What?
Helen: You never write, you never call …
Tim: We were very busy you know.
Alice: Busy being waited on hand and foot by your mum I heard.
Khalid: I don’t think you realise quite how difficult farming life is.
Alice: A city boy like you? Don’t make me laugh!
Tim: Don’t mock. You’re talking to an agricultural expert there.
Helen: Since when?
Khalid: Since I collected the eggs, since I milked Bessie, since I …
Helen: You didn’t!
Tim: He did!
Helen: Fantastic! So if you’re both so used to hard work, how about one of you putting the kettle on for a change?

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