The Flatmates are admiring their new kitchen and especially their new washing machine. But who will be the first to use it?

Helen: How do you like the kitchen?
Alice: This new layout really works.
Khalid: It’s much more space. Here’s your tea.
Helen: Thanks Khalid. It’s all so sparkly and new.
Alice: And it looks really fresh too. It’ll all be so easy to keep clean, eh boys?
Khalid: Sorry? Didn’t quite catch that. Was busy out checking all these cupboards. Hey, have you seen what’s in here?
Tim: Ah, the end to kitchen misery as we know it.
Helen: You’ve found the dishwasher then.
Alice: Bliss!
Khalid: Right, let’s remember who made the tea.
Helen: What’s that got to do with anything?
Tim: Chief tea-maker can’t be chief washer-upper too.
Alice: You’re right. Come on Helen, I guess someone has to be the first to use this new technology!

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