It’s Tim’s first visit to the cafe for a few weeks. How will Sally and Jack have managed?

Sally: Welcome back stranger!
Tim: How has everything been for you here Sally?
Sally: Just fine.
Tim: And Jack – how’s he been?
Sally: Well let’s just say there are two very different management styles here.
Tim: What do you mean?
Jack: No, I said 30 loaves of white bread and 12 brown. Why don’t you ever listen first time around? … Just get it right next time or there won’t be a next time. Good-bye!

Tim: Hello Jack.
Jack: Hi, sorry no time to chat Tim. Need to get this stock put away. Because you know, if you want anything done around here …
Sally/Tim: You have to do it yourself!
Tim: Talk to you later Jack.

Sally: See?
Tim: No time for the likes of us now, eh?
Sally: Time for a cuppa?

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