Khalid is making an appointment with his barber when Alice offers to cut his hair for free. But how will Khalid react?

Khalid: That’s great, thanks. So I’ll see James tomorrow at four. Bye now. Oh hi Alice.
Alice: Hi Khalid. Who are you catching up with tomorrow?
Khalid: James.
Alice: James?
Khalid: Eh, my barber.
Alice: What are you getting done?
Khalid: Oh just a trim.
Alice: You’re paying good money for a haircut?
Khalid: Yes. Isn’t that how people normally get their hair cut?
Alice: Haven’t you noticed there’s a global financial crisis going on just now?
Khalid: What’s that got to do with me getting my hair cut?
Alice: You don’t want to be shelling out for something you can get free.
Khalid: You’ve lost me there.
Alice: I’m a nurse! Steady hands, good with scissors. And I won’t charge you a penny.
Khalid: I’m not sure.
Alice: Khalid! Don’t you trust me?

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