Tim is in the cafe waiting to meet Sally but sees Jack instead. Just as Jack is telling Tim that Sally isn’t working hard enough, she walks in! How much does she hear?

Jack: Oh a cup of tea. Is that for me?
Tim: Well actually Sally’s just gone for some…
Jack: Oh Thanks Tim. I could do with a sit down. I’m exhausted.
Tim: Has it been that busy?
Jack: No, no, it’s not that. It’s just… oh I shouldn’t really.
Tim: Shouldn’t really what?
Jack: Tell tales out of school.
Tim: Come on. Out with it. What’s all this about?
Jack: It’s just that this whole joint manager thing didn’t really work out.
Tim: What makes you say that?
Jack: Sally hasn’t exactly been pulling her weight around here.
Tim: She seemed busy enough every time I phoned.
Jack: Well she can talk a good talk, that’s for sure.
Sally: Who can talk a good talk?
Tim: Oh Sally, hi.
Sally: Now where’s that cup of tea you promised me?

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