Khalid has agreed to let Alice cut his hair after she assures him that she is a good hairdresser. But will she do a good job?

Alice: So what are you after today sir?
Khalid: The usual please, just a trim.
Alice: Are you sure I can’t talk you into something a bit different?
Khalid: Like what?
Alice: How about a bit more off the top and shorter at the sides?
Khalid: I don’t think that would really suit me.
Alice: You’re the boss. But I think you should go for a new look.
Khalid: Well, maybe.
Alice: Right. Here we go. Clippers at the ready. Told you I was a pro. This is going to look great.
Khalid: You might be right. Maybe a new look is just what I need.
Alice: You’ll look fantasti… Whoops!
Khalid: What is it?
Alice: Nothing.
Khalid: What have you done?
Alice: It’s fine.
Khalid: Alice! Give me the mirror.
Alice: Don’t worry …

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