Tim is catching up with Sally at the cafe and asking if they have been very busy. But how did she get on with Jack?

Tim: Thanks for that Jack.
Jack: Right, OK. See you later then Tim.
Sally: Oh, that’s lovely.
Tim: So, have you been really busy?
Sally: Only in a good way. The day goes faster when you’ve got loads to do.
Tim: And how’s it been with you and Jack?
Sally: We rub along OK.
Tim: Not rub each other up the wrong way?
Sally: We’re not kindred spirits that’s true but they say variety’s the spice of life.
Tim: I like the way you think Sally.
Sally: I’m a glass half-full kind of girl.
Tim: You know I still haven’t thanked you properly for all you did when the cafe flooded.
Sally: You don’t have to.
Tim: I know. But I’d like to. I was thinking of a night out together – your choice. What do you say?

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