Helen arrives at the flat and is shocked to see Khalid’s new haircut. But what will she suggest he does about it?

Alice: Don’t worry, it’ll grow back in.
Helen: Hiya. Khalid! What happened to your hair?
Khalid: Don’t ask!

Helen: Come on, tell me.
Khalid: It looks awful.
Helen: It doesn’t.
Khalid: Yes it does. You don’t have to be polite about it.
Helen: You know if you hate it so much, you can always ask for your money back.
Khalid: I can’t.
Helen: Why not?
Khalid: A friend did it for me.
Helen: A friend? You know with friends like that …
Alice: I said I was sorry.
Helen: What?
Alice: I confess. It was me who did it.
Helen: Alice! How could you?
Alice: I thought I was saving him some money.
Khalid: Instead it’s my face that needs save now.
Helen: I’ve got an idea?
Khalid: What?
Helen: Why not shave it all off?

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