Khalid is stopped by a market research interviewer doing a survey for a travel company. What will Kahlid say?

Interviewer: Excuse me, we’re doing a survey for a travel company. Can we interview you?
Khalid: Sure.
Interviewer: If you had the money and time, where would you go for a holiday?

Khalid: I’d go to Sydney.
Interviewer: And, if you didn’t like your hotel room, what would you do?
Khalid: Well, if there would be a serious problem with the room, I spoke to the manager.
Interviewer: You wouldn’t contact your travel agent?
Khalid: No, I wouldn’t.
Interviewer: I see. Finally, if your flight was delayed, would you expect the airline to provide refreshments?
Khalid: Yes, I would, and I would expect the airline to take me to a hotel. They do that in other countries, even if it’s only a little delay.
Interviewer: I see. Well, thank you for your help.
Khalid: You’re welcome.

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