Tim is taking Sally to the park where they decide to hire a rowing boat. But when the boat hirer makes a false assumption how will Tim react?

Tim: You look lovely.
Sally: Thanks, glad you like my outfit. You don’t look half bad either in that smart suit.
Tim: Thank you. So where shall we go?
Sally: Don’t mind really.
Tim: Do you fancy going sailing?
Sally: Oh, I didn’t know you had your own private yacht.
Tim: I was thinking more of a rowing boat in the park.
Sally: Sounds perfect.
Boat hirer: Now, how can I help you young man?
Tim: Hello, can we hire a boat please?
Boat hirer: Number 27’s free. Do you like the look of her?
Tim: What do you think?
Sally: Fit for a queen!
Boat hirer: Well as long as your wife is happy …
Tim: Oh she’s not my … I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with her … It’s just that …
Sally: Tim, honestly.
Boat hirer: Better hurry my boy, you don’t want to …

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