At the hospital, Molly is telling Alice that she thinks she still has strong feelings for Dr Laver. But who will the girls bump into by the lifts?

Alice: See you tomorrow, bye!
Molly: Where are you off to?
Alice: Just nipping upstairs for a bit.
Molly: Ooh, getting your knuckles rapped by matron?
Alice: What?
Molly: She probably just wants to have a little chat about your attitude. It’ll be no big deal, don’t worry.
Alice: My attitude?
Molly: Apparently Doctor Laver gets on very well with everyone here – except you.
Alice: I am completely professional in my dealings with all colleagues and superiors in this hospital.
Molly: Alice! I know it’s none of my business but aren’t you still carrying a bit of a torch for dear Doctor Laver?
Alice: You’re absolutely right Nurse Molly, it is none of your business! … Finally!
Dr Laver: Oh look who it is.
Alice / Molly: Doctor Laver….
Dr Laver: Going up nurse?

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