Back in the park, Tim and Sally are enjoying rowing their boat on the lake. Sally thinks Tim is very different away from the cafe – but what does Tim think?

Sally: Who would have thought in the middle of the city you could find such calm.
Tim: All the stresses of the day feel like they’re just floating away.
Sally: It’s peaceful, nice. Want me to row for a bit?
Tim: No, you’re fine. Just sit back and enjoy the view.
Sally: You’re quite different.
Tim: What do you mean?
Sally: Compared to how you are at work. You seem much more yourself here.
Tim: Sometimes in the cafe I feel like one of these swans.
Sally: You, graceful? I’m not so sure.
Tim: No, no. I mean I’m all calm and controlled on the surface but underneath I’m furiously paddling away.
Sally: Why?
Tim: Worrying about customers, trying to keep you and Jack happy, stressing about the accounts …
Sally: Oh Tim. It shouldn’t be like that.
Tim: I know. But what can I do?

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