Back at the hospital, Alice and Dr Laver have been rescued from the lift. But will Alice tell anyone about Dr Laver’s fear?

Technician: Everything alright there folks?
Alice: We’re fine thanks.
Technician: Told you we’d get you out of there in a jiffy, didn’t I?
Alice: You did indeed.
Technician: You’re looking a bit peaky there doctor.
Dr Laver: I’m fine. Couldn’t be better. Thank you.
Technician: Just doing my job doc. Now as long as you’re both OK, think I’d better shove off and get my paperwork done.
Alice: It’s never-ending, isn’t it?
Dr Laver: Bye then.
Technician: See you.
Dr Laver: Alice … I just want to say.
Alice: There’s no need to say anything.
Dr Laver: But … but you were a marvel back there.
Alice: Like the man said … I was only doing my job Doctor.
Dr Laver: And can I count on your discretion too?
Alice: A hospital doctor who’s scared of lifts? Who would believe that?

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