Khalid: That rain came on quickly.

Tim: Welcome to the British summertime!

Khalid: The weather here is so unpredictable.

Customer: Sh!

Host: And the final questions is …

Tim: Oh, sorry mate.

Khalid: What?

Host: And the final question is …

Khalid: Sunshine one minute, rain the next.

Customer: Be quiet! Can’t you see what’s going on?

Khalid: I’m in a pub chatting with my friend?

Tim: Khalid!

Khalid: What’s wrong with everybody?

Everybody: Sh!

Host: Thank you. The final one is what’s the capital of Cameroon? Answers on your papers please and hand them up to me when you’re ready.

Tim: Now do you see?

Khalid: I still don’t get it.

Tim: It’s a …

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