Tim: It’s a pub quiz!

Khalid: What’s that?

Tim: Well, it’s a quiz.

Khalid: Like an exam?

Tim: Yeah, kind of . But you do it in a pub.

Khalid: Do you have to study for it?

Tim: Lots of people do.

Khalid: I do enough exams at college. Why would I want to do any more?

Tim: It’s for fun!

Khalid: Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Tim: But it is. You do it in a group, with your friends.

Khalid: You’re still not convincing me.

Tim: There are prizes.

Khalid: What kind of prizes?

Tim: Money.

Khalid: Mm, in these difficult financial times, even I might call that fun.

Tim: Exactly.

Khalid: And the answer is Yaounde, if you want to know.

Tim: The capital of Cameroon?

Khalid: Yep.

Tim: I think you’ve just volunteered yourself for the next pub quiz, Mister geography genius!

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