Helen tells Alice which star sign she is. Alice isn’t pleased.

Alice:Happy Chinese New Year Helen! What are you doing?
Helen:Reading about our Chinese astrology signs.
Alice:Oh do tell.
Helen:Well, I was born in ’86 so I’m a tiger. I have an air of authority and am courageous but I’m also prone to emotional outbursts and react poorly under stress.
Alice:Oh, what am I?
Helen:You are 3 years older than me so you’re a pig.
Alice:A pig? Charming!
Helen:No, it’s different in Chinese culture. A Chinese pig is magnanimous and highly intelligent. You’re a perfectionist but venomous if you’re crossed.
Alice:It’s all true! What about Michal?
Helen:Well, he’s 21 so he’s an ox. He’s dependable, methodical, honest, unbiased but introverted too.
Alice:Ooh, so does that bode well for you two or not?

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