John is bragging to Helen about how well he did in their recent economics test. But who else is listening to what he has to say? Find out in this episode.

John:How did you do in the economics test Helen?
Helen:I failed miserably.
John:Oh poor you! I got 98%. Didn’t want to get a perfect score. Might have looked a bit suspicious, given me recent track record. Bet you wished you’d sneaked a peek at the answers when you had your chance.
Helen:Oh I don’t …
John:You’re a fool! It was the easiest bit of photocopying I’ve ever done.
Prof. Lewis:John, Helen hello!
John:Oh good morning Professor Lewis. I was just saying how much I’ve been enjoying your lectures recently.
Prof. Lewis:Oh really? Helen, I think it’s about time we had a little chat, don’t you? Come to my office later and make an appointment, OK?

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