Now that the World Cup is over, the Flatmates are bored. What do they decide to do next?

Alice:It’s nice to be back but I do miss the excitement of the World Cup. I’m bored!
Helen:Oh thanks very much!
Alice:I didn’t mean you! I just mean it’s a bit hard to come back to reality that’s all.
Tim:Who says we have to? Why don’t we do something to cheer ourselves up?
Alice:Like what?
Michal:Go to the pub.
Alice:No, it’s too smoky.
Tim:Go to a nightclub.
Helen:It’s too noisy.
Michal:How about going to the cinema?
Alice:There’s nothing on I really want to see.
Michal:We could have a party.
Alice:What are we celebrating?
Michal:You know it’s almost a year since I came to live here.
Tim:Perfect! We’ll have our first anniversary party!

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