The Flatmates are having a barbeque, but Helen has an unexpected guest.

Michal:Hi, come on in and have a drink. We’re just firing up the barbecue.
Khalid:Oh, it’s nice to see you outside the classroom my friend. Thanks for inviting me.
Helen:Oh it’s lovely to meet you Khalid. Michal’s told us all about you.
Tim:So, who’s for the best grub over hot coals this summer?
All:Me! Yes please! Wonderful!
Alice:Drinks anyone? Can I get you a top-up Dr Laver?
Dr Laver:Oh come on. We’ve been working together for how long, looked after how many babies? I’m here at your party. Please, my name’s Paul. And how about a dance before that drink?
Alice:Oh, OK!
John:Great party! Thanks so much for asking me.
Helen:Maybe it is time for us to patch it up. But I didn’t invite you.
John:Well, here’s a toast to the secret peace-maker.
Helen:I’ll drink to that!

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