It’s the morning after the BBQ – who’s not feeling too good…and why?

Michal:Morning everyone. What a great barbeque yesterday! Coffee and biscuits Alice?
Alice:Oh no, I feel dreadful. I was throwing up all night long!
Tim:One too many cocktails?
Alice:No! I hardly touched a drop. One minute I was having a ball …
Helen:Getting chatted up more like!
Alice:Yeah, I saw a completely different side to Paul.
Alice:Doctor Laver.
Alice:Oh don’t! Give me a break!
Tim:So, was it the good doctor who made you ill?
Alice:No, it must’ve been something I ate.
Helen:But we all ate the same things.
Michal:It looked gorgeous, but I didn’t have any of the salmon. Did you?
Alice:Yes….oh, no!

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