Michal meets Helen’s father in the garden. Will they get on?

Michal:Hello, I’ve been sent to take you.
Dad:I can’t get a minute’s peace around here!
Michal:No wonders you love it here, your garden’s beautiful.
Dad:Thank you Michal. Just my luck though, neither Helen nor her mother has green fingers.
Michal:I love gardening!
Dad:I knew I liked you for a reason! Helen’s head is filled with love and romance but I am more of a realist. I’ve built up my business and my garden the same way – years of hard graft. Helen’s looking for a handsome husband but I want a hard-working son-in-law. Of course it will be a slog but the rewards are right here for you to see.
Michal:Eh, yeah, it must be time for tea! Let’s talk later.

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