Alice still isn’t well after the BBQ – but when she goes to see the doctor, she has a surprise visitor.

Dr. Kelly:So, what’s the matter?
Alice:Well, I’ve been feeling ill ever since a barbecue a few days ago. My stomach’s still upset, and I feel dizzy.
Dr. Kelly:I see. Any other symptoms?
Alice:Erm, I’ve got a bit of a temperature.
Dr Kelly:Well, it isn’t anything serious, probably just food poisoning… Excuse me. Come in.
Dr. Laver:Sorry to disturb, just returning these notes. Alice!
Alice:Dr. Laver!
Dr. Laver:You look very pale. Look, can I give you a lift home, when you’ve finished?
Alice:That would be lovely.
Dr. Laver:Okay, I’ll see you outside. Sorry about the interruption, Dr. Kelly.
Dr. Kelly:Not at all. Thanks for the notes. Bye… Are you okay Alice?

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