Dr Laver gives Alice a lift home….and asks her a surprising question!

Dr. Laver:I had a lovely time at the barbecue, although I drank too much wine. I had a terrible hangover.
Alice:Did you? I just wish I hadn’t had that salmon, especially as I’d already had enough food. I was just being greedy.
Dr. Laver:Oh well, not to worry, you’ll be alright soon. In fact, I was wondering, erm…
Alice:Yes, yes?
Dr. Laver:Well, when you’re well enough, would you like to go out one evening?
Alice:Are you asking me out on a date, Dr. Laver?
Dr. Laver:Well yes, I… I guess I am, and please, call me Paul.
Alice:Well, Paul, I’d love to go on a date.
Dr. Laver:Great. Would Friday be too soon?

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