Michal receives a telephone call – but who is it from?

Michal:What if it’s her?
Tim:You’ve got to talk to her.
Dad:Michal? It’s dad.
Michal:Oh dzien dobry tatus.
Dad:No, no, no you’re in England, let’s talk English. It’s good for both of us to practise.
Michal:OK. So, how are you?
Dad:Not great.
Michal:What’s wrong?
Dad:Oh, it’s, it’s my heart, nothing serious. Just a little heart attack. But you know …
Michal:A little heart attack? There’s no such thing!
Dad:Calm down! The doctor said it’s time for me to look after myself more, time to stop working so hard, time to get some help around here. Em, em Michal I hate to ask you but …
Michal:Dad, you know you can count on me.

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