The Flatmates are at the airport with Michal. What will he say to Helen before he goes back to Poland?

Tim:Well cousin Michal, this is goodbye.
Alice:You’ve been a great friend to us all and a great flatmate too.
Michal:Thanks you guys.
Tim:Bye Michal and give my love to Uncle Kazimierz.
Michal:Yeah, I will.
Tim:Alice, I think we should leave these two alone.
Helen:Oh Michal, it seems like only yesterday I was here in the airport to meet you and now you’re leaving me.
Michal:Helen, I’ve got something to tell you. I really like you but I’m not ready to settle down. I’m going back to Poland to look after my dad but also because I need some space. Do you hate me now?
Helen:Of course not! You’ll always have a place in my heart.
Michal:That’s my flight. Goodbye Helen.
Helen:Goodbye my love.

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