Tim talks to his boss about the strange letter he received. Find out what happens in this episode.

Boss:Come in. Ah, Tim, how can I help?
Tim:Erm, well, I think you should read this letter from the watch repairers.
Boss:Oh yes, let me see it. hmm, well, I imagine someone in their office must have made a mistake.
Tim:Perhaps, but this isn’t the first time this has happened.
Boss:Well, do you think you might have made a mistake when you took the watch from the customer?
Tim:I don’t think so.
Boss:But you’re not certain? You could’ve made a mistake, couldn’t you?
Tim:Well, I always check the paperwork.
Boss:Well, let’s not worry about it now, but in future, I’ll deal with customer complaints. And try to be more careful in future, okay?

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