Tim is dealing with a customer who is looking for a special gift. What will she choose?

Janet:And how’s my favourite shop assistant today?
Tim:Oh! Good morning, Janet! It’s assistant manager actually.
Janet:So sorry, darling, assistant manager. Now, I do hope you can help me. I’m looking for a very special gift for a very special person.
Tim:I’m sure we can help you there madam. Is it for a gentleman or a lady?
Janet:A gentleman. Fine jewellery looks so lovely on a man, don’t you agree?
Tim:In that case, let me show you these cuff-links and here are some very nice tie-clips.
Janet:Those watches look rather nice.
Tim:Err, yes. but the latest model isn’t available, and it’s important to have the latest model, don’t you think?
Janet:Not necessarily. I always say that style is more important than fashion.

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