Helen misses an important phone call from Michal. Will she call him back?

Episode 67: A call from Poland
Tim:Hey Helen, guess who just called?
Helen:Oh no, was it Michal?
Tim:Yes, you just missed him!
Helen:Oh, no!
Tim:He said to send you his love. Why don’t you call him back?
Helen:No. He said he needed some space, so I’ve got to give him some space. But I wish I’d been here when he called. What else did he say?
Tim:Oh, he sounded well, he’s working hard, his dad’s a bit better, nothing much really.
Helen:I really miss him.
Tim:You need to get out and about you know.
Helen:I suppose so. Shall we all go and see a movie tonight?
Tim:I’d be up for it, but I think Alice has gone out with Paul, to some sort of art exhibition, I think.
Helen:Again? That’s interesting. I think those two might be getting serious.

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