Helen’s worried: but is it about the cat, or is something else upsetting her?

Helen:Hey guys, do you think the cat’s okay?
Alice:The cat? Seems fine to me. Why?
Helen:I think we should take her to the vet. She doesn’t seem right.
Alice:She’s fine.
Helen:No, she’s not! You guys never listen to me. Tim, can you take her to the vet?
Tim:I’m sorry Helen. I’m up to my ears in work at the moment. Anyway, she seems fine, aren’t you Kitty?
Helen:I told you she’s not well! Right, if you lot don’t care, I’ll take her!
Tim:Blimey, what’s up with her?
Alice:Oh, she’s just a bit down in the dumps at the moment.
Tim:Right. Why’s that?
Alice:Tim! You’re such a bloke, aren’t you?

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