Alice, Helen and Tim are talking about their plans for the Christmas holidays – but it looks as if Alice will have to work.

Helen:So what are we all doing at Christmas? Tim, you’ve got a few days off work, haven’t you?
Tim:Indeed I have Helen, and I’m popping over to Poland for a few days. I’m looking forward to a nice cosy Christmas. Fancy joining me?
Helen:I’ve already been invited, thank you very much. Michal and I had quite a long chinwag the other day. It’d be nice to see him but I’ve already made plans. I’m spending Christmas and New Year with my Mum and Dad, and Alice, it would be really nice if you could join us.
Alice:Thanks Helen, I’d love to. But you know I’m working over the New Year, so I’ll have to come back before you do.
Tim:Yeah, but at least you won’t be on your own for the main event.

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