Alice receives a phone call from Paul. He says he wants to explain, but will Alice believe him?

Paul:Alice, it’s Paul. Don’t hang up, Alice. Just give me two minutes of your time, that’s all I ask.
Alice:Ok Paul, but we haven’t got much to talk about. You’re married with two kids, end of story.
Paul:Alice, it’s over between Lucy and me. It’s been over for a long time.
Alice:Paul, I heard you talking to her on the phone. You were telling her you loved her.
Paul:No, Alice, you’ve got it all wrong. I was talking to my daughter, not my wife. I used to love my wife, of course, but that ended very abruptly when I came home from work, and she calmly announced that she had fallen in love with someone else. So that was it, finished. I moved out the same day.
Alice:Oh Paul.
Paul:Alice, it’s you I love.

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