Alice, Tim and Helen are writing an advert for a new flatmate.

Alice:Right, how does this sound? Wanted: student or young professional…
Tim:… male student or young professional.
Alice:Ok. From the top. Wanted: male student or young professional for bright, sunny room in flatshare.
Tim:… in mixed flatshare …
Alice:… for bright, sunny room in mixed flatshare. Must be clean, tidy and easy-going. Close to shops, pubs and buses. Reasonable rent.
Helen:Shouldn’t we say something about the cat? He might be allergic.
Alice:Ooh, yeah, good point. Must be clean, tidy, easy-going and must like cats. Ooh, and shall we say something about, you know, the dishwasher, tv, broadband.
Helen:Yeah, put ‘all mod cons’.
Alice:Ok, mixed flatshare with all mod cons. Shall I read it back to you?
Tim:Yeah, and then call the small ads department at the Gazette. Or we could go with the Courier.

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