Alice, Tim and Helen have had some replies to their advery for a new flatmate – but have they found anyone suitable?

Helen:…no, no, that’s ok, thanks for calling… I hope you’ll find somewhere soon – bye!
Tim:Was that another call about the room?
Helen:Yeah, but he works right over the other end of town. He said the commute would be too much.
Alice:Mmm, the last one said that too, didn’t he?
Helen:I know. We’re not having much luck here.
Tim:What about the guy who came round yesterday?
Helen:Eeeww, he was really creepy.
Alice:I know… the one before that was alright though… clean-cut.
Helen:He was very respectable, but a bit posh, I thought…
Tim:So, what happened to him then?
Helen:He said it was too expensive. Do you think we should put the advert in the paper for another week?

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