Helen, Alice and Tim are skating when Helen spots a familar figure. But he’s not alone.

Alice:Are you enjoying yourself, Helen?
Helen:Do you know what? I’m having a really good time. Thanks for dragging me out, guys.
Tim:It’s just nice to see you smiling, Helen.
Helen:Hey, is that Paul over there?
Tim:Hey yeah, it is him, isn’t it?
Helen:It is, you know, but who’s that with him? Are they his kids? Alice? Has Paul got children?
Alice:Yes, he’s got two children actually.
Tim:So that means he’s got a wife.
Alice:They’re not together any more, and they’re getting a divorce.
Tim:Are you sure about that?
Alice:Well, that’s what he told me, and I believe him. He’s a good man.
Helen:Ooh, Alice, you’re skating on very thin ice.
Alice:Maybe I am Helen, but I can’t let him go.
Helen:You really love him, don’t you?
Alice:Helen, I really do.

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