Alice, Tim and Helen are showing their possible new flatmate around the flat. He seems to like it, but is the rent going to be a problem?

Helen:So that’s Tim’s room, the bathroom’s over there, and your bedroom is here. It’s got a desk and chair and all that, so you shouldn’t need any more furniture.
Khalid:Ok, that looks ok. erm, what do you guys do about housework?
Alice:Everybody kind of chips in, don’t they Tim?
Tim:Yes, Alice, we all do our bit.
Alice:We keep all the cleaning stuff in this cupboard here.
Khalid:Ok, I see.
Helen:So, what do you think?
Khalid:It’s a very nice room, and you guys are great and everything, but I have to say, I think it’s a little bit pricey. I wonder if it would be possible to reduce the rent a little bit?
Helen:Well, I’m afraid it isn’t up to me Khalid, I’ll have to ask my dad about that.

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