Alice thinks she’s found the ideal flatmate….but will her Dad agree?

Helen:Dad, Khalid likes the room, and he wants to move in, but he wants to know if you can knock a bit off the rent.
Helen’s dad:Helen, you know I can’t allow it. Everybody has to pay the same.
Helen:I know dad, but we put the advert in the Gazette for 2 weeks, and he’s the only person who’s anywhere near suitable. It’s going to cost a fortune if you have to keep advertising.
Helen’s dad:But why couldn’t you find anybody through the ad?
Helen:I don’t know dad, I can’t make people call. All I know is, Khalid’s just right for the room, but if you want him to move in, you’ll have to let him have a discount.
Helen’s dad:Well, I suppose I could let him have a small reduction. But what are you going to say to Alice and Tim?

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