Tim has some unexpected visitors….and they want to ask him some questions.

Police 1:You see sir, we’ve received a complaint from a Mr Hall about a gentleman’s watch that you sold to his wife just before Christmas. It would appear that the authenticity of the watch is in doubt.
Tim:Oh – Oh, I see…
Police 1:Would you mind answering a few questions for us?
Tim:Well, no, but I think you should be talking to my boss about this.
Police 2:We’ve already spoken to your boss sir, at some length as it happens. That’s why we’d like to talk to you now. So, if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions…
Tim:What, here?
Police 2:We can always go down to the station if you think you’d be more comfortable there, sir…
Tim:No, no, that won’t be necessary. Would you like to come through to the office?

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