Paul and Alice are having a heart-to-heart over a coffee, when Paul realises he is late for an important appointment!

Paul:I’m pleased everything’s out in the open now Alice. I didn’t like hiding things from you.
Alice:You should have told me right from the word go, Paul. It was the way I found out that made me so upset.
Paul:I know Alice, and I’m sorry. But things are going to be very different from now on. I’ve got a good feeling about you and me, do you know that?
Alice:I’m glad.
Paul:Oh my goodness, is that the time?
Alice:What’s the matter?
Paul:Oh gosh, Alice, I’ve got to fly, I’m picking Ellie up from school and I’m think I’m going to be late!
Alice:Aren’t you going to finish your coffee?
Paul:There’s no time, I’m late as it is, bye!
Alice:Bye. Paul.

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