Tim is having an awkward conversation with his boss about the fake watches. It looks as if Tim could be in trouble, but his boss has a plan.

Boss:Look Tim, it looks like we’re in a bit of hot water here.
Tim:We? You mean you’re in hot water. I haven’t done anything. This is your problem: you’ve made your bed, and now you have to lie in it.
Boss:Now that’s not quite true, is it Tim? You’re in charge of the stockroom, and you sold the watches, didn’t you?
Tim:Well yes, but…
Boss:So you could easily have switched the real watches for fakes. You sold the real ones yourself and made a nice little profit.
Tim:You know that’s not true.
Boss:But you can’t prove it, can you?
Tim:Well, no, but…
Boss:Don’t worry Tim, I’ve got a little plan. It’s not quite on the level, but it should get us both out of the soup.

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