Tim has an interesting conversation with the police. It seems as if the truth about the watches has finally been uncovered.

Police 1:Could you just sign here please?
Tim:Yeah, sure. Can I do anything else to help?
Police 1:I think we have everything we need. We’ve been watching your boss, I mean, your ex-boss, for some time, and we’ve long suspected that he was involved in a counterfeiting ring. With the statement you’ve just given us, the CCTV evidence, and Mrs Hall’s statement too, I think we’ve got enough to secure a conviction.
Tim:Mrs Hall?
Police 2:Janet Hall: the rather posh customer who bought a watch from you just before Christmas. She recognised almost immediately that it was a fake, so she came to us straight away. But she was adamant that you couldn’t have been responsible. She said something about some lost money that you returned to her.
Tim:Oh yeah, that. But when you interviewed me the other week you really seemed to think that I’d stolen the watches.
Police 2 :Just doing our job, sir.

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