“Dry January” 是由英国慈善机构发起的 “一月戒酒活动”,这个活动鼓励在圣诞节、元旦假日期间大量饮酒的人们在节后戒一段时间酒,同时试图帮助人们改变长期的饮酒习惯。组织该活动的目的是劝诫人们珍爱健康、适度饮酒。你知道 “非酒精饮料 non-alcholic drinks” 在英语里有哪些别称?怎样用英语表达果汁是 “鲜榨的”?做以下六道题,学习常见的 “无酒精软饮料” 的英语名称。

1. Non-alcoholic drinks with bubbles, like cola, are described as ______.

a) flat

b) fizzy

c) bubbly

d) frothy

2. A cocktail that does not contain any alcohol is a ______.

a) faketail

b) softtail

c) mocktail

d) falsetail

3. Another word for a non-alcoholic drink is a ______ drink.

a) weak

b) strong

c) soft

d) hard

4. Bottled water can come in two varieties, sparkling (with gas) or ______ (without gas).

a) still

b) flat

c) effervescent

d) sweet

5. I like a glass of ______ orange juice with my breakfast.

a) fresh-squeeze

b) freshly-squeeze

c) freshly-squeezed

d) fresh-squeezed

6. Which of these is not a word or expression that means ‘tea’?

a) a cuppa

b) char

c) Rosie Lea

d) Joe


1) b, 2) c, 3) c, 4) a, 5) c, 6) d.

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